Our Primary Tools

Backend: PHP, Node.js, Mysql, MongoDB, Apache
Client Side: HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Foundation
Mobile: Objective-C, Java

Generator PHP Framework

Generator is our proprietary framework that we've been perfecting for 12 years. We created Generator in response to the open source engines and frameworks that we have evaluated and rejected.

The open source frameworks we looked at were bloated, scaled poorly, and add a huge stack of dependencies on your application. Each of those dependencies is a significant point of failure. Most frameworks require optimization tools like Memcached and Redis to scale to production level. These tools are used to solve problems that the framework has introduced and they require additional code and administration to make work while adding still more points of failure.

Adding complexity is never a better solution than embracing simplicity.

Generator ties in directly with Apache to provide a fully customizable templating systems that has shown a remarkable ability to scale without breaking a sweat. At its core it's (almost) embarrassingly simple but it can be extended easily to provide very powerful capabilities and tackle really complex problems.

Another element of Generator is the Interocitor, which is a solely back end system that runs at intervals and takes significant load off an application by aggregating and storing elements that can be used on a front end client without having to perform the calculations with each view.

Maple Framework

Maple is our proprietary front end framework that we have been perfecting since 2011.

We didn't like what we saw in most frameworks because they were large, bloated and forced you to fit your project into their vision.

We designed Maple to be tiny, fast and nimble but still allow us to tackle big solutions. Maple can work with any backend that offers JSON APIs but we've found that Node.js offers us the fastest and most stable backend solution for both mobile and ajax based front ends.

Maple also has a mobile component that allows us to develop mobile apps that are a mixture of native code and Javascript. The Maple engine lets us deploy new javascript code to our mobile apps without the very time consuming effort of releasing new apps to both the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.