Recent and Current Projects


C3Healthlink is a large scale HIPAA compliant web and mobile system designed to disrupt the current model of providing patient care. C3HealthLink builds a complete ecosystem for a patient that transcends anything currently available. On the patient side, you can connect multiple providers and caregivers together to communicate and share information. The provider and caregiver can view data the patient has input into the system, including daily survey results, goal progress and metabolic data from connected devices (Fitbit, Withings, iHealth). On the provider side, the product allows a provider's care coordinators to monitor and triage patient progress and track patient engagement to take advantage of new CMS billing codes. Providers can manage patient medication, upload medical records to a patient's health locker, set goals, and communicate with other providers and caregivers.


We've been developing and running interMDnet's web properties for over 10 years. We built a custom CMS that runs all of their sites, created the test administration and scoring systems for Cyberounds Continuing Medical Education (CME) program, and built three iOS apps and one Android app.

The Body Health Resources / Remedy Health Media is arguably the largest and most comprehensive resource for AIDS/HIV related information on the internet. We began in 2000 by working on their Perl based site and in 2004 went on to build a large scale custom CMS which is still running today and manages over 76,000 articles. We currently still provide them with support and development.

In addition to the CMS system we have also developed several on-site apps including My Health Tracker, RSS and mobile app APIs, Risk Assessment Survey, Continuing Medical Education (CME) systems, and many other backend systems.

Past Projects

Platinum Rye - Celebrity Database

When we first met Platinum Rye they were just two guys in a room. Today they are the largest placement firm for celebrity talent with offices all over the planet. We developed a cloud-based database app which allowed them to keep track of all talent, contracts and deals. We built this app in 2006 and supported it until 2015. We also created custom instances for their largest customers including Kraft, Proctor and Gamble, and Victoria's Secret.

SoulKool - eConnect

SoulKool was a NYC based agency that pioneered viral and guerrilla marketing (and was featured in the CBS News' 60-Minutes piece on the subject). We built eConnect, an application that let a small team manage an army of on-the-street marketers around the country. It was a fairly massive application and was used to manage campaigns for Teen People, Nestlé and Lava Records. One of the primary benefits of eConnect was a built in analytics system which tracked the activity of the marketers to identify rising stars allowing team members to give their attention to the best performners.